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Best Business Travel Clothes for Men

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When going on a business trip you are supposed to meet clients or partners; the first impression in this case is extremely important and your image counts first of all.  You have to look perfectly neat and fine, with elegant hairstyle and clean nails. Clothes you wear for your business meetings must be well-combined and ironed or pressed. Find out in the article below what the best business travel clothes for men are.

Business Travel Clothes

Business Travel Clothes

First must-have best business travel cloth item for men is blazer or jacket. Despite the fact that every man should have at least two comfortable blazers or jackets in black and brown colors in the wardrobe, you do not have to take them both to your business trip. It is quite enough to take one that matches with all pants, shoes and shirts you pack in the suitcase. Remember, that the blazer just as all the rest best business travel clothes for men should be manufactured from travel-friendly fabrics such as jersey, spandex blend or specially treated wrinkle-free cotton and wool, wool blend and synthetic fibers. Avoid 100% linen and silk as the crease very easily.

List of business travel clothes for men also includes wrinkles-free shirts as crumpled-ones look slovenly and messy, which produces bad impression on your clients or partners. If you are not sure that you can iron your shirts before meeting or you meet your clients straight after arrival, go for non wrinkle-free shirts in order not to evoke negative feelings and possible rejections from your clients or partners.

Wrinkle Free Shirts

Wrinkle Free Shirts

The best business travel clothes for men have to be double-duty as they must make you feel comfortable during the flight while looking appropriate enough even for meeting with a company`s first faces. The more comfortable and presentable your outfit is- more time it will save you at the airport. Especially it concerns shoes as in the airports you usually have to take them off and put on again several times and it is a good reason to purchase a pair of slip-on shoes. For sure, you may buy one pair just for the flight and change it afterwards, but you would better find a pair that looks nice with your suit and jeans.

If you are lucky enough to be allowed to attend meetings in a casual wear, than jeans are just perfect business travel clothes for men. But still, there are some basic rules you would better consider before sticking on jeans. The colors should be dark in a boot or straight leg cut. Remember, if you wear casual bottom, your top must be more official. Combine your jeans with crisp shirts and pullover or a tailored jacket.

A very nice option for a business travel is choosing a couple of dress pants paired with a jacket instead of packing proper suites which can help you to save room in your suitcase. Basic classic colors such as grey, black or brown satisfy best you needs in the business trip.

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