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Best Business Travel Clothes for Women

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When you are going on a business trip the first thing to concern is looking professional, elegant and maximally neat. Your hairstyle and manicure should be groomed and flawless; make-up has to be moderate, calm and by no means overdone. Clothes you wear for your business meetings must be ironed or pressed and body-flattering.  Read the article below to find out what the best business travel clothes for women are.

Business Professional Clothes

Business Professional Clothes

When going on a business trip, you are usually supposed to meet existing clients or prospective business partners. No matter who do you meet, a CEO or just a manager, you would better look your best. The idea here is that your first impression could be your last impression. So, be at your best!

Think about the first impression you produce. Do not forget that everything counts: your self-confidence, the way you move and how you carry yourself and your outfit.

First of all, the best business travel clothes for women are those that are elegant and versatile. Also, knowing beforehand where your business meeting will take place- in office or conference room or during the dinner in more casual ambiance will help you in choosing the outfit. Best business travel clothes for women do double-duty as while looking appropriate enough even for meeting with company’s CEO they must remain comfortable during the flight or drive.

Arriving to the meeting in wrinkled clothes can ruin all your efforts to produce good impression, despite how expensive and elegant your outfit is. If you are not sure of the availability of iron in the hotel you are staying in or you have to meet clients or partners straight after airport, the avoid easily crumpling clothes at all costs.

The best business travel clothes for women are made of mixed fabrics such as blend of wool and synthetic fiber, of cotton and polyester as suites, pants, skirts and jackets made of pure linen or silk, though looking strikingly elegant when well-pressed, crease very easily.

If not packing in a suite, take at least one elegant jacket or blazer which goes with anything, making the simple combinations of pants and tank or skirt and blouse finer and smarter. Choose one in neutral shades like black, white, grey, navy or beige, made of wool or wool blend as it travels well and does crinkle.

Besides wool, wool blend and synthetic fibers, the best business travel clothes for women are made of cotton jersey, spandex blend or specially treated cotton and other modern wrinkle-free materials.

Another must-have for a business trip for women are convenient accessories such as medium-length scarf, good expensive-looking elegant watches and oversized elegant sunglasses go very well with business wardrobe.

Even the best business travel clothes for women will look not “finished” without jewelry. Choose something modestly elegant like pearl earrings and bracelets or other charms making you looking more feminine and attractive to produce the best impression on a client or a partner.

Take couple of extra pairs of nylons for emergency cases.

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