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Best Places to Visit in Hamburg

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Hamburg is a beautiful, historic and thriving city in the north of Germany. Below is a small collection of some of the best places to visit in Hamburg.

Hamburg is a major German city, located on the Elbe River in the north of the country. This city has plenty of culture, history and modern activities that will keep you occupied for days! Below is a list of some of the best places to visit in Hamburg.
Hauptbahnhof Hamburg

Hauptbahnhof Hamburg

The first area to hit is west of the central railway station (Hauptbahnhof), near the Mönckebergstraβe. This is among the best places to visit in Hamburg because it beautifully combines history and modernity. Spitaler Straβe and Mönckebergstraβe itself are shopping areas, but lead to St. Jacobi and St. Petri, two of the five main churches in the city. Close by, you will also find the Hubelhaus, which is over a hundred years old. One of the best places to visit in Hamburg’s Mönckebergstraβe area is the remains of the bishops’ towel and the Hammaburg fortress. This is just behind the Hubelhaus.

Rathaus Hamburg

Rathaus Hamburg

If you continue down the Mönckebergstraβe you will end up at Hamburg’s fantastic city hall, the Rathaus. Built at the end of the 1800s, its neo-Renaissance façade overlooks the Rathausmarkt, where you can find plenty of events during the summer. The nearby Alsterarkaden canal is a beautiful sight, and is surrounded by shopping arcades such as the famous Hanse Viertel.

Speicherstadt Hamburg

Speicherstadt Hamburg

The harbor is home to some of the best places to visit in Hamburg. The Hamburg Dungeon showcases the city’s dark past, while the Miniatur Wunderland is the largest model railway layout in the world. For urban planning enthusiasts, one of the best places to visit in Hamburg is the Speicherstadt, which is Europe’s largest city development project. You can see some of the best places to visit in Hamburg by just walking down the Elbe River. Be sure to bring a windbreaker!

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