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Lake Shore Drive in Chicago

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Nothing personifies Chicago better than Lake Shore Drive, the greatest architectural spectacle of contemporary world. Spanning 26 miles along the much acclaimed- Lake Michigan, the Lake Shore Drive in Chicago is almost a showstopper with its neighboring Willis Tower, Burnham and Root’s Rookery, and the post-Bauhaus boxes of Mies van der Rohe. Read this article to know more about America’s most scenic route.

Lake Shore Drive

Lake Shore Drive

Chicago, best known as ‘windy city’ is one of the most beautiful cities in America. From towering buildings, national museums to amazing jazz theaters, Chicago is simply the best. However, if you ask locals of Chicago about their best attraction in the city, then it has to be the Lake Shore Drive (LSD). Such is the beauty of this drive that it is no surprise why Chicagoans boast about this road and why tourist lose their breaths in a single glance.

Built in 1882 and rebuilt in 1986, LSD in its time was the longest and widest bascule bridge in the world. Carved out from the swampland and lakefront of Lake Michigan, major elements while constructing the drive were sand, landfill and debris from 1871 Great Chicago Fire.

The local residents and municipality realize the Lake Michigan frontage as a mark of the city’s beauty; therefore you will see no wharves, docks and industries on the shore.

Without any question, we can say that this route is the most fantastic introduction to Chicago. No other American urban road can compare itself to the striking Chicago’s Lake Shore Drive. The road runs for nearly 19 miles at the shores of Lake Michigan letting you to witness one spectacular view after another.

When it comes to best views from Lake Shore Drive, one could argue just at lengths. The Chicago’s best Attribute-LSD leads to a world of surprises, splendid sunsets and serenity. From the north of this drive, the visitors can visit Adler planetarium and astronomy museum, western hemisphere’s first planetarium. Also, the shed aquarium welcomes open heartedly the tourists that coming down the line from LSD. This three million gallon Oceanarium comprises the most exotic and endangered marine life such as- beluga whales, wild coral, shark reef, dolphins and much more.

From west of LSD, the Prairie avenue Historic District offers a perfect respite from the hectic metropolis life. From the south of this drive, visitors experience an open skyline with majestic Hyde Park condos and looming buildings of concrete and steel in the background.

Lake Shore Drive

Lake Shore Drive


You cannot escape the beauty of this scenic route without noticing the perfect architectural buildings in the background, with Trump International Hotel and Tower being one of them. The hotel is par excellence and goes extra miles to ensure your stay in Chicago luxurious and comfortable. From the hotel’s suites and guestrooms, you can enjoy dazzling Lake Shore Drive and its spectacular affairs.

Of course, words cannot tell the whole story, you have to come and visit Chicago to immerse yourself in the magnificence of Lake Shore Drive in Chicago.

A drive through LSD gives you the ideal opportunity to experience the perfect blend of lifestyle vacation in a city that masquerades itself in simplicity and serenity.

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